Black Friday Deals

Are you soon going to furnish your bedroom or living room with new wallpaper? Then now is the time to choose photo wallpaper.

During the BLACK FRIDAY DEALS you will benefit from discounts on all our photo wallpaper. On all standard photo wallpapers you will receive a 10% discount and on Wallexclusive Premium Photo Wallpapers you will receive a 25% discount.

Prefer a little makeover? This week we also give a 15% discount on the wallpaper circles.

Scottish Highlanders

How do I receive the Black Friday discounts?

The discounts are listed per product on the product page. Here you can immediately see the discount that applies to the product. You do not need to enter any extra codes. If you have more than one product, the discount will be applied to all items that meet the conditions.

The reductions are valid from 20 November 2020 to 30 november 2020. Discounts are not valid on accessories, wallpaper service and outlet products. Not valid for resellers.

25% discount on
Wallexclusive® Photo wallpaper

Do you want an exclusive and super-sharp photo on your photo wallpaper? Then choose a Wallexclusive® photo. These photos are taken by our own photographer with the most advanced camera in the market. Because of this, all images are still detailed and you can print the photos gigantic on photo wallpaper.

The Wallexclusive® photo wallpaper collection contains over 800 photos, so you are sure to find a photo that suits you on the wall.

From € 24,50 p/m2
For€ 18,38 p/m2

Wallexclusive Premium Photo wallpaper

10% discount on photo wallpaper

Throughout the week you will receive at least 10% discount on our photo wallpaper. Choose from over 3000 designs. Are you going for an industrial look or do you opt for a tough highlander on your wall?

From £ 14.50
Now £ 13.05

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10% discount on your own photo

Make a lasting memory of that fun moment with your own photo on photo wallpaper. Upload your own design and within a few days we will make sure that you can start applying it to the wall!

From £ 16,50 p/m2
Now £ 14,85 p/m2

15% discount on Wallpaper circles

Want to quickly give your living room some extra atmosphere? With a wallpaper circle you will have an eye-catcher in your room in no time. The wallpaper circles are easy to apply to the wall with non-woven wallpaper glue. The wallpaper circles are available in various sizes from 60cm to 155cm!