Custom printed photo wallpaper

Would you like to have your wallpaper printed to measure? That is possible with us.

We only supply made-to-measure photo wallpaper. All images are scalable so that the wallpaper always fits perfectly. With us, it does not matter whether the walls are 2 or 3 meters high or 20 meters wide. Thanks to our production process in combination with our design team and the right software, we can produce any size.

With large printing, the quality of the print must remain correctly. Because photos are build up from pixels, it could be difficult. The printed wallpaper could be blurry or sharper, depending on the number of pixels, camera types, and format. For large sizes, we advise using high-quality photos or vector files. Vector files can be scaled infinitely without loss of quality. If you don't want any loss of quality on your photo wallpaper, look at our photo wallpaper with patterns. These images are all scalable. If you have individual wishes, you could fill this in the comments field. For example, a car can be 10 cm wide or 100 cm wide. A combination of large and small is also possible.

As a standard, we produce photo wallpaper with a bleed of 5 cm all around. Because walls and ceilings are never straight, we advise you to work with a bleed. You can specify your measured size online, and our software automatically calculates 5 cm bleed. The first stroke must be glued correctly in combination with the bleed. Check out our installation instructions that come with the wallpaper for the best way to install the wallpaper.

If you want to use the wallpaper for a door with precise size, we can print and cut it to with the accuracy of a millimeter. You can indicate in the options whether or not you want to use a bleed. We can also print images as poster size paintings. If you see a beautiful picture, we can print it to size on non-woven wallpaper. You can glue this to your wall with wallpaper glue.

The wallpaper panels fits seamlessly

The panels will perfectly fit with each other. There is no printing bleed between the panels so that they can be applied next to each other. Thanks to the strength of the material, the panels are easy to stick together. With the right non-woven glue (Perfax glue), you could slide the panels against each other. We only print on environmentally friendly non-woven wallpaper. The advantage of non-woven wallpaper is that it doesn't shrink (if the temperature is correct), and you won't see any seams after wallpapering.

Non-woven wallpaper panelsNon-woven wallpaper panels
Non-woven wallpaper panels, cutted on custom size

We look at the width of the wall and adjust the width of the panels accordingly. By using this smart production method, all panels are almost equal in width. The advantage is that you don't have to deal with a small strip at the beginning or end. By customizing the strokes, there will be less waste, and it will result in a more favorable price. Depending on the width of the wall, you will receive equal panels from 55 to 80 cm wide. We can also supply strokes of 150 cm wide, but this is more difficult to glue. There are also extra transport costs because we have to ship a more extended package for this. If you wish a different size, you can indicate this during the ordering process (comments field).