Wallpaper is originally a traditional product that was invented in the 17th century. The first wallpaper machine came in the 18th century and today wallpaper is increasingly printed digitally. Wallgroup has developed a unique production process and we print exclusively custom-made products for our customers. Thanks to high-quality techniques and automated processes, we can deliver our products quickly without incurring additional costs or at the expense of quality.

In addition to the production process, it is also about the image that is printed. Wallpaper always has a large format and therefore pixels of photos are more easily visible than with a small print. Wallgroup has created the Wallexclusive brand for this. We produce our own images in order to guarantee the highest possible quality. Our photographers travel regularly to be able to shoot the right images, which are suitable for photo wallpaper.

Our photo wallpaper is of excellent European quality and meets all requirements. PVC-free, odorless and easy to apply are some of the properties of our wallpaper. In addition, the wallpaper is fire-retardant (B1 certified) and does not stain.

MuralTex – Seamless wallpaper

We also supply our own MuralTex seamless wallpaper for global market. Seamless wallpaper is made of a polyester fabric with a special coating. Our seamless wallpaper is PVC-free and printed with environmentally friendly inks for the prints. The material has a gray back in order to prevent shine through. Seamless wallpaper is also ideal for the business market.