A common part of our DNA is quality. Quality is reflected everywhere within the Wallgroup. As a consumer you experience the quality of our products in different ways. It all starts with our customer service and sales department. In addition to the short response times and our telephone availability, we also think along with you. In addition to automatic processes, every order we receive is also manually checked for quality. We do this to guarantee the quality of our products and prints. If a photo or image is not good enough to print or if it does not meet our standards, we will inform our customers. We will then help you find a suitable image and help you find solutions. That is the quality you can expect from us when it comes to service.

As soon as the image is suitable for printing, we will start production as quickly as possible. Our production is all about quality. The machines we use, the suppliers of our semi-finished products, the inks, the media, everything revolves around quality. The right machines and materials ensure a perfect printout of the product you ordered. In addition, the production team takes care of the quality control. The quality is carefully monitored during both the printing and processing of the product.

It is only once the product has been produced properly that it is carefully packed. The quality of the packaging ensures that complaints are reduced. By using custom made boxes and boxes of excellent quality, we ensure that the product arrives safely to the customer. The boxes are so sturdy that damage to the product during transport is impossible.