Since the founding of Wallgroup, eco-friendliness has been one of the most important factors in our DNA. Together with our suppliers, we ensure the right materials, machines and packaging.

For example, we produce our products exclusively with water-based ink. This ensures an odorless product which can be used in any environment. Our products are also suitable for critical environments such as hospitals and schools. To go into detail: the packaging of the inks is also produced from recycled materials. In addition, empty cartridges are collected and returned to our supplier so that they can be recycled.

In addition, all materials we use are PVC free. For example, our non-woven wallpaper is FSC certified, but our canvas material and the cloths for tapestries are also PVC free. The residual material that is released during production is separated and plastic waste as well as paper (non-woven wallpaper) and cardboard is collected in our presses. The pressed bales are of course turned over to be recycled. This keeps the residual waste within Wallgroup to a minimum.

With the help of our own packaging machine, we are able to make custom boxes. Depending on the product, we can realize a perfectly fitting packaging. Because hardly any ‘air’ is transported, our packaging reduces CO2 emissions, but it also benefits the fuel consumption of our transporters. An additional advantage is that less packaging material is used, which means that more trees are saved.

Within Wallgroup we try to pay attention to the environment. There are solar panels on the roof of our production building as well as the office. In addition, both buildings are equipped with heat pumps and LED lighting is used exclusively. With these techniques we try to be as energy neutral as possible. There is of course also the possibility to charge electric cars and our own photographers use our own electric vehicles.