Just like wallpaper, tapestries are originally a traditional product. In fact, they are the precursor to wallpaper and the first tapestries date back to the 13th century.

Tapestries are ideal to fill a large part of a wall and fit into any interior. Tapestries are easy to install and require less technical knowledge than installing photo wallpaper. An additional advantage is that tapestries contribute to sound absorption.

We offer our tapestries in two high-quality fabrics, Soft Velvet and White Cotton. As the name Soft Velvet suggests, these tapestries are soft and the light sheen gives this material a luxurious look. The White Cotton has a whiter base when it comes to the material and is also completely matte.

Our tapestries are entirely produced in-house and are finished all around. The tapestries are supplied complete as a standard, including a high-quality hanging system. Optionally, tapestries can also be ordered without a hanging system.